Senior Care India offers a variety of medical and non-medical personal care services to our Elderly Citizens, provided in the comfort and security of their homes giving them a sense of control and complete peace of mind.

Today, as our parents and seniors age, most desire to remain in their own homes. However, they often have fewer resources available to help them with the daily tasks of living. Senior Care India provides the additional assistance many seniors need to continue living at home.

By remaining in their own homes, seniors can retain an important sense of independence. It is also psychologically beneficial for older adults to remain in familiar surroundings. Often forcing relocation can cause seniors to feel disoriented, depressed and confused.

In addition, there is a significant difference between a senior who simply needs help with personal care and one who requires medical assistance. For example: A relatively healthy older adult who is placed in a facility with those who are much sicker or infirmed will feel totally out of place.

Remaining as safe and independent as possible can boost a senior's overall sense of well-being. Senior Care India just about ensures this!!

Medical Personal Care

  • Doctor @ Home Services
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Medical Checkup Assistance
  • Prescription Drug Delivery
  • Medical Equipment Arrangements
  • Private Nursing
  • Therapy Facilitation Services

Non-Medical Personal Care

  • Companionship Services
  • Food & Diet Services
  • Mobility/Transportation Services
  • Utility Management Services
  • Lending Library Support
  • Fitness Training
  • Regular Social Events