Welcome to senior care

The need for livelihood and growth opportunities has forced several Indians to venture outside their family. Nuclear families have added fodder to fire by reducing support to the elderly people at the time of need.

Old age home and retirement communities are a boon for those who could afford with a bit of compromise of having to let go their homes that carry several sentiments and nostalgic memories.

The management team of Senior Care India understood the need for a comprehensive service for these elderly citizens where they will have access to all social and personal care services with minimal effort.

Our Services

Senior Care India offers a variety of medical and non-medical personal care services to our Elderly Citizens, provided in the comfort and security of their homes giving them a sense of control and complete peace of mind.

Today, as our parents and seniors age, most desire to remain in their own homes. However, they often have fewer resources available to help them with the daily tasks of living. Senior Care India provides...